'We are committed to the achievement and success of all students in our care. '

Students can legally be enrolled at East Gore School on or after their 5th birthday.

Once you have made the decision to enrol your child at East Gore School, please contact the school office so we can add your child’s name to the enrolment list. You can let the office know about your child enrolling at any time.

If your child is enrolling as a five year old, please try and notify the school at least a month earlier of your intention. The New Entrants teacher will then make contact with you and arrange some visits to the school and class. These visits are important so your child becomes familiar with the school and class before beginning school full time.

To complete the enrolment process, the school needs a copy of your child’s birth certificate, immunisation record and an enrolment form (which can be collected from the school office).


To help your child to settle into school, it is helpful if he/she visits the school three times before enrolling. The school will arrange a suitable time for the first pre-entry visit. Please telephone the school is you have not heard from us.

A programme called Stepping Stones is run three times a term to help make the transition for our five year olds as easy as possible.

As oral language is the base of all learning, it is important that children are able to listen and respond to a speaker. You can help by encouraging your child to listen to songs, stories, nursery rhymes etc., predicting what might happen next and commenting on the story.

It is also helpful when writing to, or with children you use lower case letters rather than capitals.

If your child has attended a pre-school it would be appreciated if you could please bring their portfolio’s along at the time of enrolling to enable the New Entrant Teacher to look through it.

Your child should also:

Be able to follow simple instructions.

Answer questions you have asked.

Talk about their experiences.

Use common conversational courtesies (i.e. please, thank you)

Know his/her name, address and telephone number.

Know what he/she is expected to do after school i.e. someone calling for him/her?

We do not allow any child in Room Kauri to go home unless a parent/caregiver or older child has called for them.

Be able to remove polar fleeces.

Know how to use the toilet and wash hands.

Know how to use a handkerchief or tissues.

Be able to cope with a cut lunch.

Be able to identify own belongings. Clearly naming all articles helps.

Recognise their name.


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