'We are committed to the achievement and success of all students in our care. '

Parent / Community Goals

This information was gathered through consultation via surveys, meetings and personal contact in 2011, 2013, 2015. Consultation to guide our school charter development will take place in 2017.

To place a curriculum emphasis on identified subjects.

• To promote literacy (including spelling) and numeracy for a good foundation for learning

• To promote Science and Physical Education in the curriculum for a wider variety of learning.

• To promote healthy living and empower each child to take responsibility for his/her own wellbeing.

To develop a school that focuses strongly on values, attitudes and academic success.

• To promote our school values; Responsibility, Respect and Honesty.

• To promote achievement and recognise success through a number of incentive awards.

• To use our PB4L behaviour management programme to set clear boundaries for the students to succeed.

• To monitor and promote the key competencies and recognise the impact on children’s social development.

• Leadership opportunities for senior students.

To develop and support sporting opportunities for our students.

• To provide opportunities for children to participate in and enjoy physical activity.

• To promote team based sports within and outside school programmes.

• More of a variety of sports for younger students to participate in.

To develop programmes that addresses the learning needs and abilities of our students.

• To investigate options and support for learning needs.

• To review and develop extension programmes for children with special abilities.

• Use new technologies in the classrooms for a future focussed learner