Our Board of Trustees

'We are committed to the achievement and success of all students in our care. '

The Board of Trustees consists of five parent representatives, an elected staff trustee and the principal.

From time to time the board may co-opt other parent representatives. The Board of Trustees is responsible for governing the school by formulating policies, procedures and ensuring efficient, effective running of the school.

The Board is responsible for Governance matters. The Principal is responsible for the management of the school.

Board of Trustee Members

Ken Willetts – Chairperson

Chris Blondell – Property

Sarah Currie – Finance

Heidi Hadfield – School Review

Jacky Cowley – EEO

Wendy Kitto – Principal

Leah Heaps – Staff Representative

Monthly Meeting

Board meetings are usually held week 3 and week 8 every term and is advertised in the weekly newsletter.

Meeting Minutes

Within a week of each meeting these are available from the school office to anyone who wishes to read them.

Policies and Procedures

A list of and copies of school policies, procedures and guidelines are available on request from the school office. Parent/Caregiver input is always welcome.

Board Documents

These are available for you to look at. They include the School Charter, Curriculum Framework, Achievement Information, Strategic Plan, Annual Plan and Improving the Achievement of Maori students. If you would like to see them please ask at the school office.

The East Gore School Full Annual Report 2016 is below.

East Gore School Full Annual Report 2016.pdf